music artist. enlightainer. CEO of Revel Media. hustlutionary. phillyosopher. some dude from Philly. i make tunes and talk bout shit. worked on Wall Street as a media investment banker for 1 year then quit within 5 minutes of getting my bonus to go my own way. been following my muse and scrappin’ naked out the jungle ever since. sold weed to pay my Georgetown tuition, graduated in 3 years with two majors and a minor, magna cum bout it. that shit's too expensive, millennials are saddled with college debt for jobs going to robots lol.  honest to a fault. just makin’ stuff, learnin and laughin. i self funded (largely via janky crimes) 10 music albums before ever spending a dollar promoting myself. true faith. that doesn’t pay the bills. went broke. got really broke. fell on my head from 10 feet during a shampoo dunk commercial. year in rehab hurt both heads lol. scary as f'. didn’t quit. once lived in Vietnam for a summer and drowned in the ocean during a Caribbean storm. woke up to life’s temporality and found my spirituality. universal love. faith. compassion. appreciation. god. whatchamacallit. huh? revel = enjoy the ride. bet the farm and live your true life. some name smocks - collaborated with 2X NCAA Champion Coach Jay Wright and the Trill OG Bun B, opened for Nelly, Wale, Jermaine Dupri, Bone Thugs & Harmony, MTV Fashion Week and threw Allen Iverson’s retirement party. i’m a dork, but AI says i’m a “bad motherfucker.” damn right I'm droppin' that one. negotiated some deals w/ Sony, Universal and, but kept my artist career fully independent. own my own masters, publishing and independent label Revel Music Group. partnered with my childhood buddies. one of my pop-pop’s was a WW2 pilot, other was a Philly auto mechanic nicknamed “Hoagie”, though he spelled it wrong on his arm tattoo “Hogie”. one of the many reasons why I champion people...and mispronounce things. i have 4 lesbian aunts who get more pussy than you. who gives a shit who marries who? live and let live mofos. i’m married to life’s poetry. kinda smart, kinda off. my parents early divorce taught me self reliance. happens a lot these days. society is very divided and no one trusts anyone anymore. but we’re truly all in "this" together. that’s the basic message of my political party “The Pragmatic Party”. we promote logic and getting shit done together. i won Vice President of my high school class with a 7 second speech… i promised no long speeches. didn’t promise anything about long bios though ;) told my Ma at age 5 I figured out the meaning of life. she told me I didn’t have enough experience. she’s still right. i think it has to do with turning negatives into positives. i failed a buncha times. i succeeded a buncha times. i’d like to think that I inspire people to follow their dreams and not take themselves so seriously… but that sounds kinda serious. i seek happy truth. i believe in conscious hustle. i love snuggling and gluten free cheesesteaks. i don’t know what it all means, i just know…

life’s f*ckin awesome. 

revel wit me,